Crutches, Bendigo

At OAPL Health and Mobility Centre in Bendigo, we have a range of crutches which can be used as a temporary or a permanent solution for impaired mobility. The basic types of crutches are underarm crutches and forearm crutches which are available in a range of sizes with adjustable height.

  • Underarm crutches – timber crutches, adjustable crutches, steel crutches
  • Forearm crutches – adjustable forearm crutches, permanent user crutches
  • Bariatric crutches.

Drop in to our Bendigo centre for advice on the ideal set of crutches for your needs, including permanent user crutches – and our friendly staff can adjust them to suit your height.

For more information about our full range of mobility aids and orthopaedic supports, please contact us via email or call 03 5441 4333.