Orthopaedic Backcare and Seating Cushions, Bendigo

At OAPL Health and Mobility Centre in Bendigo we have a range of orthopaedic cushions to suit a wide variety of needs. For people with limited mobility, or those remaining in a seated position for a large portion of the day, it is important they have seating that gives them support and protects their muscles and tissue from developing pressure issues. Orthopaedic cushions and seating options are designed to ensure the stability of the user and protect them from the risk of tissue breakdown. Ideal for permanent seating, or for public transport, orthopaedic cushions reallocate the weight of the user and offer excellent pressure distribution at the pelvis while maximising the pressure relief and comfort.

Our range inlcudes:

Back support cushions
Air flotation cushions
Bariatric cushions
ROHO cushions
Low-pressure orthopaedic cushions
Medium-pressure orthopaedic cushions
High-pressure orthopaedic cushions

Adjustable Sleeping Pillows

Memory Foam Cushions

Our friendly staff have experience and knowledge of all of our orthopaedic products, so please phone us on 03 5441 4333 or drop in and ask us for advice.

We also have bathroom aids, chairs, scooters, wheelchairs, grab rails, exercise equipment and more.