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Compression Stockings
OAPL Health and Mobility Centre specialises in the prescribing and supply of Compression Stockings.

Graduated Compression Stockings are specially designed stockings worn to help return blood from the lower legs back to the heart. The stockings work by gently applying a measured amount of compression to the legs, compressing the leg muscles and gently squeezing the veins to help push the blood more easily in the right direction.

Graduated compression ensures counter pressure (the ‘squeeze’) is the greatest at the ankle (where blood pools because of the law of gravity) and gradually decreases progressively up the leg. This action helps accelerate the movement of blood back up through the veins and to the heart, thus assisting circulation.

The short-term effect of this is increased energy in your legs during the day, which makes your legs feel less tired by evening – and the long term effect is that it helps keep your legs healthy longer!

Compression stockings are recommended to help prevent and relieve the discomfort of varicose and spider veins, tired or aching legs, mild leg, ankle and foot swelling (oedema), travellers thrombosis and poor circulation.

Compression stockings need to be fitted properly to ensure they will produce an effective graduation in pressure and be comfortable to wear. A poorly fitted stocking may cause discomfort, trauma and more harm than good.

OAPL Health and Moblilty Centre in Bendigo stocks a large range of aids to assist you in the donning of your stockings – we also have an aid specially designed to help you remove your compression stockings at the end of the day!

To be fitted with the correct compression rating and size is especially important with graduated compression stockings. An appointment can be made with our tertiary qualified orthotists at OAPL Health and Mobility Centre so you can be assessed and fitted correctly.

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