Travel Socks

OAPL Travel Socks minimise the risk of DVT forming in the legs during travel by increasing circulation. The latex-free, hospital grade stockings feature graduated compression, 14-18mmHg. Comprising of 76 per cent nylon and 24 per cent spandex, these stockings are available in black or beige, knee length. They are suitable for tired, achy legs (heaviness), ankle swelling and moderate to pronounced spider and varicose veins. Handwash in warm water with mild soap.

Code    Size         Colour          Height         Calf
41032 Small       Black Up to 400mm 250-300mm
41033 Medium  Black Up to 420mm 300-370mm
41034 Large       Black Up to 450mm 370-440mm
41035 XLarge    Black Up to 480mm 440-500mm
41036 Small       Beige Up to 400mm 250-300mm

OAPL Bendigo also stock a large range of Jobst, Elvirex, Duomed and Anti-Embolism Stockings. An appointment can be made with our Orthotists to correctly prescribe and fit your first pair of graduated compression stockings. Ask our Orthotists about the large range of stocking donners, and even a stocking doffer, which OAPL Bendigo stock. These aids all assist  you in putting on and taking off your graduated compression stockings.