Stump Socks

Stump (limb) socks

Regular limb socks (stump socks ) in thickness 0.7 – 3.3mm using cotton , Coolmax®, nylon, wool/Coolmax®, and silver.

Features: Fine Coolmax® socks with Elastane/nylon that are thin and soft on the skin and are designed to give a smooth wrinkle free fit. These socks are 1.1mm thick. Style S27 are made from silver embedded Coolmax®, they may have application where hygiene is a problem. The distal end is reinforced with nylon outside to improve abrasion resistance. The end seam is linked to avoid a raised seam causing abrasion.

Style code last 2 numbers is length in inches. Top Circum. Cm. Distal Circum. Cm.
27T12, 27T16, 27T20 30 30
27M16 s27M16 42 30
27L20,27L24,27L28 54 40
27S12, 27S16 36 30
27W16, 27W20 60 40

Note 1. Styles 27T, fit smaller sizes than 27S..
Note 2. Top circumference is the approximate maximum girth that
the sock will fit.
Note 3. Distal end circumference is the approximate girth that the
sock will fit measured 75mm. above the end of the sock.
Coolmax ® is a trademark of Invista , used under licence.
Style codes preceded by S made from silver embedded in Coolmax®