Stocking Donner – StockEzeOn

Stocking Donner – StockEzeOn

Code: SM264

Design features which make StockEZEon a comprehensive and unique solution:

  • StockEZEon enables easy application and removal of your compression stockings, and will mean independence and improved quality of life for many patients. In particular, the ease of removal of your stocking is amazing clinical professionals who work with patients with recurrent leg disease owing to an inability to manage compression stockings.
  • Initially, StockEZEon is adjusted to size to match the calf of the user. This makes the loading as easy as possible when using a stocking of the correct size for the user.
  • Being size-adjustable means that the entire “O” shape of the body of the device can be maintained; consequently, no part of the stocking is drawn across the leg, as is the case with “U” shaped devices on the market.  This ensures no pain is experienced for those with, for example, venous leg ulcers or other painful conditions.
  • The full “O” shape also allows the clamps to hold the stocking being applied to the body shell.

The clamps replace the user’s hands and are very useful for the large number of compression stocking users who cannot reach their feet.

  • Using the clamps when applying the stocking enables the foot and heel to be located in the stocking perfectly every time. The stocking is prevented from “running away” off the device as the foot is entered.
  • The unique design of the top rim assists the engaging and loading of the stocking, and together with the side slots, provides for the even 360° deposition of the stocking onto the leg.
  • The side slots perform multiple functions – enabling easy gripping of the stocking with the palm and four fingers when loading; a recess for the side clamps to enhance clamp grip on the stocking; and assisting the 360°  retention/deposition of the stocking.
  • The rubber base provides firm non-slip control of the device when loading.

The handles are two piece extendable with a push button release/lock on the hand grip.

  • The front size adjustment knob is ergonomically designed to provide maximum grip with the fingers and will not catch the stocking in any position. For those with weaker hands, a coin slot to tighten and release the knob is provided.
  • StockEZEon is easily disassembled for transport and comes with a carry bag.