SOS Bracelet – Talisman

SOS Talisman Bracelet

Code:  426  Female Bracelet

Code: 425 Male Bracelet

The SOS Bracelet is worn around the wrist. The bracelet is available in Stainless Steel only, in your choice of chunky chain for men or smaller link for women.

Wear your SOS TALISMAN all the time

Whether you’re at work, home, playing sport or travelling, you should always wear your SOS TALISMAN. It has been specially made water and heat resistant for constant wear. It will give you peace of mind all the time.

In some cases, water can ingress into the capsule, eg through condensation or extended use in water, and this is why we strongly recommend the use of a waterproof marking pen when filling in the Information Strip.


It is essential that your SOS TALISMAN is kept in good order and up to date with your current address, phone numbers and medical information. Only then can others provide effective care in an emergency. Correct medical information is vital. If in doubt, ask your doctor.