Sock Aid Stocking Donner

Sock Aid   Easy On   Easy Off Stocking Donner

Code SBSA01

The Easy On Sock Aid has been designed to help put your sock/stockings on with NO BENDING!


  • The toe of the sock should be placed in the tube with the toe pointing towards the ground and the heel touching the bottom of the tub
  • Take the open end of the sock and pull it over the top of the tube
  • Pull the end of the sock down far enough so when placing the foot in the sock your toes will touch the end of the sock
  • At this point the sock should be almost completely inside out and opened up for placement of the foot
  • Use your hand to position the sock correctly so the heel is in the correct position for the entry of your foot
  • Place the Easy On Sock Aid on the floor (The Sock Aid is durable and will not break if dropped from considerable height. If the sock aid ends up on its side it is simply a matter of using your foot or the pronged Easy Off Sock Aid tool to right the Sock Aid)
  • Position your foot so that your toes are able to enter the sock. Push into the sock and as you near the end slowly bring your toes up, The Sock Aid will then tilt forward as your foot reaches the end.
  • The Easy On Sock Aid has a handy hook which allows you (by using the Easy Off Sock Aid) to bring the Sock Aid back to your lap saving you any form of bending and you are able to pick the sock aid up from the floor and then you can repeat the procedure for your other sock.


The  Easy Off Sock Aid has been uniquely designed to allow you to remove and pick  up your sock in the simplest possible way with the minimal amount of bending and stretching


  • Firstly you slide the pronged tool between your sock and the back of your ankle.
  • Then slowly Push the tool down so that the pronged end of the tool and your sock starts to slide down your ankle and over your heal.
  • At this point depending on your ease of movement you can continue pushing the sock over your heal and remove your sock completely.
  • If you are limited in movement you can simply drop the end of the Easy Off Sock Aid to the floor
  • Then with your other foot you can step on the end of the tool firmly Pull your foot towards you and your sock will be completely removed.
  • The tool has been designed with prongs so that it stay  attached to your sock after it has been removed
  • The tool also has a unique design which enables you to step on the end of it and by rolling your foot back towards you the sock will automatically be raised up so that you can easily remove it.
  • Then you are able to take hold of the tool and repeat the procedure in order to successfully remove your other sock.