Room Monitor

Oricom Room/Motion Monitor

Code: SC320

Ideal for anyone who needs monitoring, the Oricom Room Motion Monitor is sensitive enough to pick up sounds of movement or restlessness, as well as a cry for help.

With a power connected base unit that remains in the vicinity of the person being monitored, the compact receiver unit is lightweight and easily portable, with long range. The product features the added comfort of two way talk back for immediate response – simply press the talk button on the receiver for your voice to be heard through the base unit. This monitor uses DECT technology – a special wireless technology that stops potential interference from other common wireless devices such as wireless networks, bluetooth and cordless computer devices. This helps ensure the monitor does not crackle or buzz due to interference from other devices in your home or your neighbours, and secures the transmission from being picked up by an external source. It also ensures clear sound and a long range.

The compact base monitor features fully adjustable digital volume control (with easy press + and – buttons to adjust the volume to suit individual needs) plus a soft, adjustable night light to offer a gentle glow. The rechargeable hand held receiver also includes adjustable volume plus a sound sensitive light display as additional warning of noise or movement. It also features an out of range and/or low battery warning to ensure you have ample time to change batteries or return within appropriate range.

The receiver unit can be connected to a mains power source using the included power adaptor, or will operate as a portable device for around 16 hours on full charge. Simply connect the receiver to the power cord to recharge. Uses rechargeable batteries.