Prosthetic Cleanser

Prosthetic Cleanser (ALPS)

Code: PD595

ALPS Prosthetic Cleanser is a non-alkaline, soap-free cleansing agent designed to help remove dirt and excess perspiration from prosthetic liners and sleeves. Its unique formula allows it to work efficiently with hand washing or machine wash settings to effectively clean and restore items back to their original state. Patients with sensitive skin may also find that the Prosthetic Cleanser contains mild properties that make it ideal for washing areas of the skin that come into contact with the prosthesis.

The Prosthetic Gentle Cleanser is recommended for use with:

  • Gel liners (thermoplastic) – Easyliner, Extreme, EZ Flex, Full Suction, General Purpose, Liberty II, Proximal Seal Interface, and Thermoliner
    • Urethane liners
    • Silicone liners – Clearpro  and Clear Gen