Nail Nippers – Podopro

Podopro nail clippers


SW791      Concave Double Action Nipper 15cm

SW794     Concave Double Spring Nipper 14cm

SW79415  Straight Double Spring Nipper 14cm

Instrument Choice

Choosing the correct instruments for your practice has always been an extremely personal decision. The vast array of nippers, files and probes can be daunting, especially for newly qualified practitioners. Several factors often affect the final choice and we suggest you consider the following before confirming you order.

The level of intended use

A busy practice may require an instrument to be sterilised in excess of 5 times per day. So over 3 years instruments may receive in excess of 5000 sterilisation cycles.

The Podopro instruments we offer at OAPL have been selected to reflect the differences that customers expect, while attempting to balance quality and value.

Manufactured from quality Stainless Steel, competitively priced with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty!