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Leg Spacer

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Leg Spacer – Memory Foam Leg Knee Pillow

  • Leg Spacer – Helps align the spine & eases back tension

    The Leg Spacer helps relieve lower back strain by properly aligning the knees and hips

    Convenient and comfortable positioning aid that encourages the natural alignment of the pelvis and spine when resting or sleeping. Inhibits spinal twisting during sleep, encourages better circulation. Ideal for those recovering from hip surgery.
    Strap adjustment helps secure Leg Spacer for a custom fit.

    In pressure-diffusing Memoryfoam covered in moisture-resistant (hospital grade) Steri-Plus cover.

    Helps align the spine helps alleviate tension to the back.
    Therapeutically designed to help relieve pressure and strain on the lower back, hips and knees while you sleep by helping keep your legs aligned with your spine.

    The Leg Spacer Knee Support takes pressure away from the low back and hips allowing the spine to assume its natural ‘S’ shape

    • Cushions and diffuses pressure
    • Encourages the natural alignment of the pelvis and spine when resting or sleeping
    • Inhibits spinal twisting during sleep
    • Encourages better circulation

    Care for the hips and back during sleep. The Leg Spacer Knee & Hip Aligning Support is a must for those with hip problems. Overstretched muscles, sore ligaments and tight tendons often cause aches and pains during the night and the morning making sleep a struggle.

    Leg Spacer Cushion Uses

    • Use Between thighs or knees to reduce pressure points and align the spine
    • Help treat and alleviate back pain by encouraging the natural alignment of the pelvis and spine when resting and encouraging the user to sleep in the preferred side sleeping position inhibiting spinal twisting whilst sleeping
    • Helps treat and prevent pressure ulcers by cushioning and diffusing pressure while protecting the knees from each other, preventing the knees from rubbing together whilst lying in bed

    Therapeutic Comfort

    The Leg Spacer delivers fundamental therapeutic benefits
    • Actively improves posture
    • Supports sound sleep throught the night
    • A comfortable custom fit with adjustable straps to give you the best fit

    Who is the Leg Spacer Knee Support Cushion designed for?

    Designed for people recovering from hip surgery.

    For side sleepers who wake up with back ache or hip pain
    – The Leg Spacer will help properly align you legs, hips and spine.

    Those who try to sleep with a bulky regular pillow between their knees only to lose it every time they roll over in bed.
    – The Leg Spacer is compact and stays in place with the comfortable adjustable strap.

    How does it work?

    The shape: Front and rear bumpers help align your legs, helping to prevent spinal twisting by restricting the top leg rotating forward and throwing your back and pelvis out of alignment.

    The material: The memory foam molds itself to the curves of your legs and diffuses pressure making for increased comfort.


    Height: 9cm & 10.5cm
    Width: 29.5cm
    Depth: 21cm


    Inner: 100% open cell ‘breathing’ heavy-duty visco-elastic urethane foam. Treated to inhibit allergens
    Cover: Removable cover.
    Steri-Plus (Moisture Resistant version): Soft to touch bacteria inhibiting polyurethane ply bonded to knitted polyester backing.

    Durafab (Soft Comfort version):  Plush comfort, soft fabric cover.


    Foam Inner: Do Not Immerse in water. Dab clean, mild detergent, warm water. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry. Dry away from sunlight.
    Cover: Durafab (fabric version): Do Not Machine Wash. Do Not Tumble Dry. Hand wash in warm water using mild detergent. Do not use chlorine bleach. Warm rinse. Drip dry. Warm iron if required. Dry Cleanable.
    Cover: Steri-Plus (moisture resistant version): Do Not Use dry cleaning solvents, or phenolic disinfectants. Wipe stains by using a non-phenolic disinfectant in a diluted solution. Do Not Machine Wash. Do Not Tumble Dry. Do Not Iron. Line Dry Only.