Insole – Diabetic

Diabetic Insole

Code: AH-DBO

Triple Layer Comfort and Protection for:

  • Diabetes
    •    Arthritis
    •    Sensitive &  ‘At-Risk’ Feet
    •    General Foot Pain & Discomfort

A Podiatrist Designed Medical Grade Insole for the Diabetic, Arthritic, Painful foot.

Made of a Tri-Laminate Construction with 3 layers of comfort.

  1. The Medical Grade Plastazote top cover provides self-moulding properties to evenly contour and distribute weight across the foot. The Plastazote reduces friction, shearing and aids in impact absorption. Plastazote has excellent Thermal properties and thus, keeps your feet warm when in use.
  2. A soft foam middle layer adds to the cushioning of the foot and reduces both shearing and friction forces that are present during weight bearing. This is needed in protecting the ‘at risk’ foot.
  3. Specifically designed as a soft base, the Polyurethane Base provides some support to the inner arch, further enhancing the shock absorption and cushioning.

By using the combination of three layers, the PhysiPod Diabetic Insole maximises comfort, support and protection for the ‘at risk’ foot. You will find this insole to be superior in design and function.

Wearing Instructions:

Use the sizing template as a guide for trimming the Insole to fit your desired length and width. Remove the existing inner liner from your shoe, if removable and replace with the PhysiPod insole. Gradually increase wearing by a few hours per day for the first 1-2 weeks. The base of the Insole has a Template for size. You can either cut along the size guide for your foot size, or hold your own shoe’s insole against the Diabetic in sole and trace it onto the Diabetic Insole. Trim around your pen line. Fold the front of the Diabetic Insole in half to ease it into your shoe. Check the length and then wear the shoe as normal.

PLEASE NOTE: Take care to not cut the insole too short on your first cut as you cannot add this back. It is better to be too long and cut a little extra off after first testing the length.
If marked, you can gently clean the insole in warm soapy water and air dry.