Humphrey Law Socks

Socks by Humphrey Law

OAPL Health and Mobility Centre stock a wide range of Australian Made Humphrey Law socks.

These socks are knitted, dyed, finished and packed in Australia and only Australian Wool is used.

Health Socks with low pressure and no elastic use a fine elastane to give them stretch and ensure a neat smooth fit around the leg and ankle whilst exerting only a light pressure on leg and foot.

Fine merino wool cushion sole socks have a reinforced heel and toe with a wide elastic comfort Health Sock top. Ideal for wearing in safety boots.

Thermal socks have no tight elastic top and come to mid calf with a full terry leg and foot and reinforced heel and toe. Thermal warmth is achieved by long terry loops throughout the inside of the sock which traps war air and insulates the feet from the cold.

Thermal Bed Socks can be helpful for people who have thin, easily damaged skin, cold feet caused by bad circulation and/or swollen feet. They keep sensitive skin dry and warm and have a loose design which does not restrict circulation.

The Grass Seed Sock will not allow grass seeds and sawdust to cling and helps to discharge static electricity.

The Stockman health sock is a heavy weight pure wool cushioned sock which will not go baggy. These stocks stay up without tight elastic around the leg.

Feet FirstĀ socks are designed for people who wear steel capped boots all day. With thick wool padding under the sole and at back of heel and above toe they prevent sore, tired feet. Elastic around the arch and ankle so sock does not slip down and no tight elastic on top.