Hip Protector Pants and Shields

Hip Protector Pants and Shields

Hip Protector Pads have been used for many years to help prevent hip fractures. By using Hip Protector Pads, some people who are in danger of falling may be saved from a fracture, or after a hip replacement operation, the Hip Protector Pads may prevent another operation. Hip Protector Pads are designed to partly absorb and redistribute the impact of a fall, particularly around the Greater Trochanter area to protect the bone.

A feature of these hip pads is special black foam on the inside. This breathable foam keeps the Pad slightly away from the body to help the skin to breathe. As they may be worn 24 hours a day, it is important they are comfortable for the patient. This black foam has a coarse texture that will grip to the inside of the pant pocket to keep the pad in place inside the pocket, but it will still be soft against the body.

These Hip Protector Pants have two pockets sewn on to the polycotton underpants. After pulling on the pants, ensure the Hip Protector Pads are located over the Greater Trochanter.

These Hip Protector Pants have two pockets sewn on to the polycotton underpants. The material used in the pockets is designed to allow the skin to breathe.

The Hip Pad pockets are big enough to move the Hip Protector Pads up or down, or side to side in the Pockets. This gives some flexibility to correctly locate the Pads over the Greater Trochanter. The Black Foam on the inside of the Pads helps to keep the Pads slightly off the body to allow some air circulation between the Pad and the Hip. Another benefit of the Black Foam is to grip the pocket material and keep the Pads in position. However if a restless person moves the Pads, it is possible to simply sew the pocket to keep the Pads in the correct position. Use a ‘ball tip’ needle to avoid cutting the threads of the polycotton pants material. Like all brands of Hip Protector Pants, the Pants may be inadvertently repositioned when being worn. It is advisable to periodically check that the Pads are still located correctly over the Greater Trochanter.

Many falls occur during the night when people get out of bed to go to the toilet in an unlit room. These Hip Protectors give protection in case the wearer gets out of bed during the night and falls.

As the Pants may be worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, pay attention to the skin integrity under the Pad area. Factors such as the weather, or a person’s chemical make-up may affect the skin. It is recommended to have some time without wearing the Pads to allow the skin to ‘breathe’. If this becomes a serious problem, it may be better not to wear the Pants. This type of problem could occur with any brand of hip protectors.

Machine or hand wash up to 80°C. Cool tumble dry Pants. For a longer life: Warm gentle machine wash. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry foam Pads. Use a warm iron, but do not iron over the foam Pads.


Female Pants:

Item No. 179-10 179-12 179-14 179-16 179-18 179-20 179-22 179-24
Sizes 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24
Waist-cm 64-76 68-80 72-86 78-88 82-92 88-98 90-100 94-104

Male Pants:

Item No. 179S 179M 179L 179XL 179XXL
Sizes Small Medium Large X Large XX Large
Waist-cm 75-84 80-90 86-94 90-100 96-106