Custom Made Foot Orthotics

OAPL Custom Made Foot Orthotics

OAPL Health and Mobility Centre specialise in the prescribing and manufacturing of Custom Made Foot Orthotics.

Orthotics are inserts which fit inside most shoes and are designed to decrease abnormal motion of your foot whilst allowing for normal movement. Orthotics can realign your feet to a more usual, or neutral, position to restore balance and eliminate or reduce foot, back and leg pain by improving function and efficiency.

At OAPL Health and Mobility Centre we can determine your particular foot problem and then prescribe the appropriate foot Orthotic. An impression will be made of your foot and then we manufacture your Custom Made Foot Orthotics, on site, using EVA foam material. We can add heel lifts or build ups to correct your specific problem.

Once the Orthotics have been manufactured you will have another appointment with your qualified Orthotist to fit the Orthotic.

At OAPL Health and Mobility Centre we pride ourselves on the fact that the entire process of producing your Customised Foot Orthotic is carried out on the premises here in Golden Square by our tertiary qualified staff!

OAPL also include up to three months of ‘fine tuning’ your foot orthotic, at no further charge, to ensure the best outcome for you and your feet!

Customised Foot Orthotics can improve many painful symptons such as…..

Forefoot pain (metatarsalgia)

Arch Strain (plantar fasciitis)

Heel Spurs

Ankle, shin and knee pain.

Orthotics do this by reducing pain, providing support, preventing or halting the development of foot deformity, providing better positioning, relieving pressure on certain areas of the foot and improving the overall biomechanical function of the foot. This can improve pelvic alignment and reduce ankle, knee and hip stress.

To be assessed for Custom Made Foot Orthotics you need to make an appointment with one of our Qualified Orthotists who will assess and discuss your requirements and then, if foot orthotics are required, will proceed to take a mould of your feet and then to manufacture your Custom Made Orthotics. The Orthotist will then make another appointment for you to be fitted with the Orthotics.

Remember your feet are the foundation for your entire body – Custom Made Foot Orthotics can be the best investment you can make in your overall wellbeing!