Bendigo Amputee Support Group

October 12, 2016

AMPUTATIONS are not uncommon – on average 28 amputations are performed every day in Australia – but people who have lost limbs say it can still be an isolating experience.

That is why a group of local people have formed the Bendigo Amputee Social Group, to give amputees, as well as their family members and friends, the opportunity to get together and socialise.

Lou Richardson said that when she moved to Bendigo about 20 months ago, there were no support or social groups for amputees in the area.

She and other members said they had found some friends and acquaintances dropped contact after they became amputees, something Ms Richardson believed was because they found it easier to stay away when they were unsure of how to cope with or react to the change.

To help combat any feelings of isolation and to put people in touch with others with similar experiences, the group organises social events once a month.

Member Peter Brown said the group was also a valuable information resource, as members could help each other out with any issues they might have experienced as an amputee, and share tips and tricks.

The group has about 21 active members and the Facebook group has 56 members.

Members invite other amputees in the community looking for support or friendship to join.

For more information, call Ms Richardson on 5446 8895 or visit the group’s Facebook page or email