Bariatric aids in Bendigo making everyday life easier

November 24, 2015

At OAPL Health and Mobility Centre, we’re dedicated to improving the lifestyle and happiness of a huge range of customers, including those with obesity or weight issues. We supply a variety of bariatric aids in Bendigo, manufactured to safely withstand greater weight capacity.

We work with professional, industry-leading suppliers to provide high-quality bariatric aids and equipment, designed to make day-to-day activities easier and safer for obese people. Reinforced aids are suitable for indoor and outdoor use around the house, including in the bathroom, kitchen and living areas.

It can be both difficult and painful for obese customers to perform a variety of everyday tasks. At OAPL Health and Mobility Centre, we understand this can cause embarrassment and can rob people of their sense of independence. Our dedicated bariatric aids are simple to use and manufactured to endure extended use over long periods of time.

From bathing to getting dressed, eating and moving around inside and outside your home, our extensive range features:

  • chairs and other furniture
  • reaching aids
  • dressing aids and dressing hooks
  • bathing aids
  • non-slip mats
  • long-handled items
    • shoe horns
    • dustpans and other cleaning utensils
    • toe washers.

We also supply specially designed aids to increase mobility, including walkers, scooters and wheelchairs.

Come and take a look at the selection of bariatric aids at our Bendigo showroom, or contact our friendly staff and ask about free home delivery.